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Changes in the Capacity Surcharge for international transport

The coronavirus pandemic has further slowed down European land transports. Transport volumes have fallen by 60% in Spain and 50% in France. The volume of Finnish export transports is now declining rapidly due to the slowdown in sawn timber and the engineering industry, but on the other hand, imports of foods and other consumer goods continue as normal. To carry out import transports, we now drive about 40% of our transport units empty to the south. Traffic in Scandinavia, Germany and the Baltics is still at a relatively normal level.

In addition to reduced transport volumes, groupage shipments are rerouted due to regional quarantines, especially in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. The use of exception routes increases terminal handling, resulting in additional costs per shipment. Even in this exceptional situation, our goal is to keep the European system freight network operational and transport times as normal as possible for as long as possible.

Due to changes in volume and production caused by exceptional measures, we will update the Capacity Surcharge for international traffic from previously announced on March 20, 2020 as follows:

  • System services: The Capacity Surcharge for export and import groupage shipments for Italy, Spain, Portugal and France is €5.50 / 100 kg. For other European countries, the Capacity Surcharge is still €2.50 / 100 kg.
  • Direct services: for part and full loads and for intermodal transports, a Capacity Surcharge of 25% of basic freight will be introduced for import shipments. The Capacity Surcharge does not affect other surcharges or their amount. The Capacity Surcharge for Direct services does not apply to transports regarding Scandinavia, Germany, the Baltics, Russia or Ukraine.
  • Capacity Surcharge for System and Direct services will also be introduced for Coldsped temperature controlled transports.
  • The changes in the Capacity Surcharge will take effect for shipments for which the departure date from Finland or the arrival date in Finland is on Thursday, April 9 or after.

In addition to the Capacity Surcharge, we ensure the service capacity of DB Schenker's European land transport network by other means as well: We combine international system freight with line-haul transports more flexibly and take advantage of the extensive terminal network for alternative routings. We also focus resources on the most critical areas and services, and we invest in the occupational health of our personnel, among other things, by improving working from home  with various IT solutions. As the coronavirus pandemic affects each country in a different way, the Capacity Surcharge can be adjusted accordingly in terms of amount, affected countries or traffic directions. We will notify you of any changes at least five days in advance.

Status update on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on DB Schenker's transports is maintained at www.dbschenker.com/de-en/meta/customer-information including among other things a map of European land transport capacity and congestion.