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DB Schenker expands cargo cycle distribution in Finland

DB Schenker expands the cargo cycle distribution in Finland. Velove Armadillo cargo cycle was first launched in Helsinki last year and now the cargo cycle distribution will be launched in Turku as well. There will be one cargo cycle in each city starting their operations on Monday May 20, 2019.

In the cargo cycle trial, the starting point is to solve the problems of urban logistics in the crowded city center. The typical challenges are the abundant number of delivery vans, combining light and professional traffic and lowering the emissions of the traffic on narrow streets.

Deliveries carried with the cargo cycle are mainly consumers' e-commerce purchases and other parcels to DB Schenker collection points and companies in the city center. In Helsinki, the cargo cycle operates from the Olympia Terminal of the Port of Helsinki and in Turku the city terminal will be on the premises of Turku University of Applied Sciences.

"Our trial with cargo cycles was so successful in Helsinki last summer that we decided to expand to Turku. We received a lot of positive feedback form citizens and have shared the gathered knowledge on seminars covering cargo cycling and city logistics", says Petteri Nurmi, CEO of Schenker Oy.

"With cargo cycle, we can deliver shipments in areas that are restricted from motorized vehicles or that have excellent bicycle paths. Additionally, it is important for us to reduce emissions caused by distribution. In Norway, for example, our target is to achieve zero emissions in all city distribution until the end of 2020. Recently opened Oslo City Hub is the first blueprint of how achieve this as it utilizes electric trucks and cargo cycles in distribution.”