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DB Schenker launches a low-emission Collection Point transport for consumers – up to 90% smaller carbon footprint

DB Schenker, the world’s leading global logistics provider, deploys Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ for the Collection Point transports. Low-emission transports are first available for Stockmann's Crazy Days customers. Greenhouse gas emissions of all Collection Point shipments will be reduced with Neste MY Renewable Diesel since Stockmann´s Crazy Days, the most well-known sales campaign in Finland´s retail trade.

DB Schenker increases the use of renewable diesel in its domestic fleet by at least the amount needed for Collection Point transports. Thus, thanks to the Collection Point transports the carbon footprint is decreasing all over Finland. DB Schenker has about 1,000 collection points in K-food stores, R-kiosks and private companies as well as parcel lockers.

Reducing the carbon footprint is not just a matter of fuel, as the environmental impact of ecommerce transports is reduced at various stages. The most effective way to reduce the impact is economical driving, optimal driving routes and maximum loads. The environment is also taken into consideration in the terminals through which online purchases are transported. All new terminals have solar power plants, utilize geothermal heat and use only hydroelectric power.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a Finnish innovation that enables a company to reduce its carbon footprint by up to 90% * compared to conventional fossil diesel over its lifecycle. Neste MY renewable diesel can already be refuelled at 53 stations for light vehicles and 19 stations for heavy vehicles around Finland.

* Calculation method of lifecycle emission and emission reduction complies with EU renewable energy directive (2009/28 / EC)

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