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Exception practises of corona situation will be cut

As the coronavirus situation in Europe is easing, we will cut exception practises for transportation as well.

The capacity surcharge for groupage shipments

Due to exceptional measures caused by coronavirus pandemic a capacity surcharge 2.50 € / 100 kg has been in use for international system traffic (news 1.6.). As the exceptional measures have already been lifted, we will cancel this surcharge. The capacity surcharge will no longer be charged for shipments with an arrival date in Finland or departure from Finland on Wednesday July 1, 2020.

Money back guarantee for Premium shipments

Due to exceptional measures caused by coronavirus pandemic the money back performance guarantee for DB SCHENKERsystem premium service was withdrawn for European system traffic (news 17.3.). As the exceptional measures have been lifted, we can once again commit to the schedules of Premium shipments and we take the money back guarantee into use immediately. Read more about our Premium service.

Preventive measures for Home delivery

To control the spread of coronavirus we took stricter precautions in delivering shipments to consumers at the beginning of April (news 31.3.). We will continue these practises over the summer holiday season and review the situation again at the beginning of August.