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Invoicing changes in land transport surcharges

Excise duty on fuel

The excise duties on transport fuels will increase on August 1, 2020. For the price of diesel, the tax will increase by an average of 5.6 cents per litre, or an average of about 12.7% (VAT 0).

Excise duty is shown as a separate row in a transport invoice as follows:

  • Domestic land transports 5.70% (earlier 3.95%)
  • International land transports 3.82% (2.65%)
  • Parcel shipments 4.01% (2.78%)

Weighing/measuring surcharge

We monitor the weight and dimensions of shipments transported so that we can load the vehicles safely within the permitted weights, plan the transport capacity on the right basis as well as ensure the correctness of the freight charge. All of these affect the quality of the transportation service we produce. As a general rule, we weigh groupage shipments of which the information provided is assumed to be inaccuracy. This weighing work has been charged according to the land transport surcharges. From July 1, 2020, the weighing/measuring surcharge of 10.50 € will be charged automatically for groupage shipments, when the actual weight deviates from the essential order information by at least 15.1% and the change is at least 11 kg.