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Reliefs in exceptional situation practices

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has begun to ease its grip in Europe, we will reduce the additional surcharges introduced in the exceptional situation. In the congested area in Finland we no longer use flexibility to delivery days for remote areas.

European groupage shipments (System)

The capacity surcharge for groupage shipments to/from Italy, Spain, Portugal and France has been

5.50 € / 100 kg (news 2.4.). For these countries, the capacity surcharge will be reduced to the same level as other European countries € 2.50 / 100 kg. The price change will take effect for shipments with arrival date in Finland or departure from Finland Monday June 8. This uniform lower surcharge is still valid for the time being due to exceptional practices caused by the coronavirus.

European part and full load shipments (Direct)

The capacity surcharge which was mainly used for import shipments from southern European countries was canceled on May 27 (news 19.5.). The surcharge was not in use for export shipments.

Delivery days for domestic remote areas

In April we reserved an option to add one transport day for pick-ups and deliveries to remote area and special area transports (news 25.3.). We have made little use of this option in those parts of Finland where the most transport volumes are. We will commit to the normal schedule again in remote and special areas of congested area in Finland from Monday June 1. The area covers the terminal areas of Helsinki, Turku, Pori, Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Lahti, Lappeenranta and Kouvola. Elsewhere in Finland, flexibility option will remain until Friday August 28. Flexibility applies to part and full loads as well as groupage shipments and parcel deliveries in the future in those remote area 1, remote area 2 and special areas, that are outside the terminal areas listed above. Postal codes for the regions are listed in the domestic pricing area map which can be downloaded at mySchenker service.

The exceptional situation surcharge for domestic land transport

The exceptional situation surcharge for domestic land transport is valid for shipments to be loaded until June 12 including that day (news 19.5.).

We estimate the impact of the corona pandemic on a weekly basis and strive to cancel exceptional situation surcharges on a fast schedule.