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Temporary exceptional situation surcharge for domestic land transport

Drivers and terminal and warehouse workers continue to work even during a coronavirus pandemic to keep supply chains up and running. In order to reduce the risk of virus infection between different parties at different stages of transport, we protect our own and our customers' staff in many different ways: to date, we have procured protective equipment and disinfectants for a total of approximately 5,000 employees, increased daily cleaning and disinfection in 1,500 vehicles and 24 terminals. In addition, we follow the operating models set by our customers to their own premises. For example, the involvement of drivers in unloading and loading is limited. 

The measures caused by the coronavirus increase the costs of transport operations, which is why we are introducing a temporary exceptional situation surcharge for domestic transport. The surcharge applies to all domestic land transport services, with the exception of collection point shipments to consumers, whereby we support the recommendations to maintain physical distance. The exceptional situation surcharge is valid for loadings as from Monday, April 27, 2020  and will be valid until May 31, 2020, unless an exceptional situation requires its continuation. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will decide on a possible extension of the exceptional situation surcharge after mid-May.

Exceptional situation surcharge 

Domestic System, Direct and Parcel transports
Surcharge does not apply to collection point shipments.

Period of validity
A possible extension will be decided after mid-May.

System and Direct shipments: 0.50 €/waybill (tax weight below 100 kg), 2.50 €/waybill (tax weight 100 kg and over)
Parcel shipments: 0.50 €/shipment

Despite exceptional measures, this spring we have raised the quality of domestic transport services to an even higher level than in previous years. By ensuring the operational capacity of a safe transport network operating throughout Finland, we can offer you, as our customer, excellent transport services even during the exceptional situation.