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The effect of industrial strikes on DB Schenker's and Vähälä's transports

On Monday January 27, 2020 began strikes in the paper and forest industries. The strikes in the chemical and technology industries are likely to begin on Monday February 10. Industrial strikes will slow down Finnish exports and export volumes are expected to fall to about half of normal levels starting this week. Declining exports will also have a direct impact on import transports due to the lack of equipment. The pick-up of consignments from import customers requires the dispatch of empty cargo spaces from Finland starting from the end of week 5.

The domestic traffic imbalance affects particularly eastbound and northbound traffic. The strike also affects distribution traffics. If the consignees of the shipments are not at work, the shipments return to the terminals resulting in additional charges due to uncompleted pick-up visits and terminal storage.

Due to capacity changes caused by strikes, we cannot make any promises on transport times or capacity.