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The Effects of Support Strikes on DB Schenker's transports

The postal strike is expanding into a labour conflict that affects logistics throughout Finland, when i.a. transport workers', railroad workers' and seafarers' unions have announced sympathy strikes.

Domestic transports are affected by the Transport Workers' Union AKT's sympathy strike from Nov 18 to Nov 24. AKT members will stop handling of goods and shipments of Posti e.g. in ports, terminals and land transports. For DB Schenker possible additional volume will cause shortage in capacity and schedule delays. In domestic transportation, our primary concern is to handle the transportation of our current customers. For new contracts, we will apply exceptional pricing.

Finnish export and import will face significant disadvantages, if Seafarers' Union halts land transport using sea routes. If the support strike begins and we cannot use regular ferry routes, we aim to transport critical shipments via alternative routes. An additional strike fee will be charged for alternative transport routes.

Due to changes in routes and capacity caused by sympathy strikes we cannot give any promises on transport times and capacity.

Download strike fees (pdf) updated 18.11.2019