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The situation of the transports to/from the UK

The impacts of UK’s withdrawal from the EU on transports concern mainly customs clearances and related  documentation. The time needed for customs clearances varies considerably at the moment which in turn has a direct impact on transit time. Especially the import shipments from the UK destined to Finland are often stopped at customs clearance process due to insufficient documentation. Export shipments to the UK run significantly more smoothly due to the better quality of the documentation although delays occur also in exports due to the same reason.

Time-definite Services

Since the time required for customs clearance process cannot be estimated at the moment the following services are temporarily not bookable to/from the UK: all Fix Day value added services, Time-definite options Premium 10 and 13, Same day collections as well as Time window pick-ups and deliveries. We will inform separately when these value added services can be booked again.

Booking options

Due to Brexit related issues, special attention needs to be paid to transport bookings. In order to assure the efficient transfer and receipt of the bookings we recommend the use of eSchenker-service which guides you through the booking process. Alternatively transport bookings for shipments from the UK to Finland can be sent to the email address tuontikuljetustilaus@dbschenker.com. Please note that for email bookings we charge a Handling fee for non-electronic orders €6.50  per consignment (see Land transport surcharges). 

External forwarder for import shipments

Customs clearance and the entire transportation process is the smoothest when centralizing forwarding to a single service provider who has the entire process in place from departure to arrival in the destination country. Changing a freight forwarder during transport causes additional work and slows down the transport, as import data must be collected and passed on to an external freight forwarder for customs clearance. Additionally, the  customs declaration needs to be monitored in order to enable the delivery of the goods. We charge €59 per shipment for the use of an external freight forwarder, starting with the shipments picked up on 22 February 2021 (see Land transport surcharges).

Please visit our global Brexit webpages for practices and instructions related to transports to/from the UK.