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Traffic information at the turn of the year

The holidays in December and at the turn of the year traditionally slow down business in Finland as well as elsewhere in Europe. To prepare for this in advance, we have mapped our customers' opening hours and volume estimates at the end of the year on the basis of which we have planned the production of transport services and the volume of the transport capacity accordingly. In addition, we have taken into account changes in the opening hours of terminals in other European countries.

The changes in schedules at the end and at the beginning of the year concern domestic and European groupage, part and full load shipments mainly during the Independence Day, Christmas and New Year.


Service hours in December and January

On national holidays, the offices are traditionally closed. Immediately during the next business days, we will collect and distribute in local areas only (not remote areas) as well as operate the line haul traffic between the terminals. Pharmaceutical and fresh food products are transported separately according to an agreed schedule.

The last delivery date for the e-commerce packages to consumer customers is December 18 so that the shipments arrive before Christmas.

Our customer service is open during the weekdays 21.12.2018 – 4.1.2019 at 8 am - 4 pm. On other weekdays, our shipment inquiries serve till 6 pm.


Deadlines for transport orders

Please book your transport not later than 12 noon, so that your shipment arrives on schedule. Deadline for transport orders 17.12.2018 – 31.1.2019 (electronic and
manual orders):

  • Orders placed on the pick-up day by 12 noon
    – domestic groupage, parcel and part load shipments
    – European groupage, except dangerous goods
  • Orders placed by 12 noon on the day before pick-up
    – domestic loads over 10 tn 
    – part and full loads, export
  • Two working days before pick-up
    – part and full loads, import