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We are preparing for the spread of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is continuing to spread around the world and now in Europe. According to current information, none of DB Schenker's employees have been infected with the disease. We will continue to prepare for the epidemic and try to prevent it from spreading by all available means.

We have restricted business travel and are replacing live meetings by use of MS Teams. We have cancelled all non-mission critical business travel until the end of March. This also applies to internal meetings in Finland. However, we will continue to conduct customer visits unless the customer requests that the meeting should be postponed or conducted via MS Teams or similar. Nor do we attend fairs, seminars, or training events that gather large crowds.

We recommend working from home for anyone if possible. In this way, we limit the potential exposure of those at the workplace. As a precautionary measure, workers returning from epidemic areas remain working from home for two weeks and do not return to their workplace.

We are also preparing a contingency plan for organizing operations in the event that the Coronavirus reach the DB Schenker community.

Further information

For updated information please refer to https://www.dbschenker.com/de-en/meta/customer-information.

Updated information about situation in Finland will be published in English on https://www.dbschenker.com/fi-en/about/press/corporate-news and via these email newsletters.