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We clarify the fuel shares of the invoices

We are simplifying the structure of domestic transport invoices of DB Schenker and Vähälä Yhtiöt. Until now, the invoice has included fuel surcharges and excise duty as separate elements. From October 1, 2020, in line with general industry practice, we will switch to a single fuel element, which includes both fuel surcharge and excise duty. The change applies to domestic groupage transports (System) and part and full loads (Direct). The change does not apply to international transports or parcel transports.

In practice, the change will take place by merging the existing general fuel surcharge into the freight price and as from October 1 the share of excise duty will be the basis for the fuel surcharge. Excise duty will be removed as a separate part of the invoice. The change does not require any action of the customer. From October, the level of the fuel surcharge will be determined twice a month. The fuel surcharge cannot be lowered to negative.

Your contact person at DB Schenker or Vähälä Yhtiöt will be happy to provide further information on the change in fuel shares.