Jussi Kiviluoto ​​​​​​​My name is Jussi Kiviluoto and I'm 29 years old father of two children from Raisio. My hobbies are playing guitar and fishing. I have worked all my adult life at Schenker, at first as temporary help through a subcontractor and since 2008 on Schenker's payroll. At the terminal I worked in several different shifts and did almost all possible jobs. In 2015, I was offered the opportunity to take responsibility for the traffic coordination of distributions. Alongside my job I completed a special vocational qualification for traffic supervisor, which supported my duties.

Since September 2017 I have been responsible for the distribution in the Turku region. My responsibilities include co-operation with subcontractors, pricing and route planning among other things. In the coming years a new terminal will be built in Turku, which naturally changes much of the distribution throughout this direction. My team consists of five subordinates who take care of traffic coordination of distribution.

I have been involved in the project, where we have been looking for a solution to the customer's distribution in remote areas. Coordination of other projects, such as the introduction of new handheld devices, is topical now as well. Compared to my previous job, I now focus more on larger tasks, but I also handle a lot of administrative office tasks such as handling invoices.

My goal is to be a supervisor to whom it is easy to come to talk about everything possible. My door is practically never closed. I try to deal things through positivity. I follow traffic coordinators' work closely, give equal responsibilities and support them in their work.