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Do you want compensation for your shipment

We follow the quality policy in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001:2015 according to which our goal is to provide transport services within the agreed time in a proper manner. However once in a while the shipment might get hit during the transportation.

If the goods you have received have been damaged during transport and the damage is externally noticeable, a note must be made in the waybill or delivery note upon receipt of the consignment. If the damage was not externally noticeable, a written complaint must be made to the carrier within the time limits set for the mode of transport. 

If the shipment has been insured please contact your insurer. If the shipment has not been insured address the claim to the carrier. Above all, examine the damage and try to prevent further damage. At the same time, think about how the damage can be repaired. Book an opportunity for the carrier or insurance company to inspect the damaged goods. 

  • Store the goods separately from the intact.
  • Save the packaging material.
  • Do not continue to transport the goods.