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DB Schenker connect 4 land: New booking platform for Land Transport

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eSchenker: New design – Same range of functionalities

The new design offers a much cleaner, more modern look and feel by still providing the known extensive set of eServices and functionalities.

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Ready for take-off

DB Schenker and Airbus Join Forces to Advance Airplane Production and Support More Transatlantic Trade

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Published on Jul 10, 2018. Modified on Jul 12, 2018.

A Successful First Run

In May, Airbus used the new logistics setup for a shipment of four airplanes. It’s now prepping another international shipment for mid-June. Dr. Klaus Fischer, an Airbus Manager and Project Leader, says the multipronged solution developed by DB Schenker is already exceeding the manufacturer’s expectations.

“Changing a working system that’s already running and that everyone is used to isn’t easy. Plus, we don’t just have ‘dummy’ components lying around, so we couldn’t test the new system out first,” says Fischer, whose team completed a thorough selection process before awarding DB Schenker the contract. “In the end, we knew DB Schenker would be able to set up this new transport concept in a way that truly met our needs.”

Schoenfeld says the innovative concept is helping Airbus maximize area waterways, increase production, and utilize existing infrastructure that included a dock that was built and used during World War II.

“Working with Airbus, the local authorities, and numerous local providers, we designed the solution, organized the project, and orchestrated it in a way that solved Airbus’ key challenges,” says Schoenfeld. “The first run with the new system was flawless.”