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Bake Sale for children in Yemen

[---schenker.label.article.publishedOn---] May 16, 2017. [---schenker.label.article.modifiedOn---] Sep 18, 2017.

October 27th 2016 was a great day at the DB Schenker Head Office. You could enjoy tasty cakes and support children in Yemen at the same time. Many helping and donating hands led to a chock-full donation box.

Four colleagues from the Head Office teamed up to make the world a little bit better. No sooner said than done, they organized a bake sale. The goal: get as much money as possible for kids just starving in Yemen due to ongoing Civil War. Mission accomplished: within only four hours, more than 1,300 € had been collected.

Several colleagues supported them with more than 20 homemade fantastic cake creations from fancy muffins to tasty waffles. A great collection to be sold to Head Office colleagues. The latter very gratefully enjoyed this nice surprise and voluntarily donated for the children. 

Children in Yemen are facing a massive crisis. Volatile armed conflicts and rapidly shifting frontlines have been happening in the midst of growing poverty and an already large-scale humanitarian crisis. As the conflict rages on, the needs of vulnerable children continue to grow. Hundreds and thousands boys and girls are undernourished. We need to help them.

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