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Volodrone Team

Agnes - managing the needs of our partner Volocopter

Traveling the world for fairs and exhibition logistics

Delivering the VoloCity to Singapore and traveling all over the world to help our partner Volocopter; our colleague Agnes, the lead contact to Volocopter, knows it’s all about deliveries when it comes to Fairs and Exhibitions.

Agnes has been working for the company for an astonishing 36 years. Yes, you read correctly, 36 years of great engagement, passion for the job and incredible experiences.

Every day and every project is a new challenge that inspires me to look in new directions, develop new ideas, and find creative solutions.

Agnes Portrait

Agnes, Head of Int. Fairs & Exhibitions

But how did Agnes’ passion for logistics begin?

After she completed her final school examinations in Germany, Agnes started her career in Australia. After one year as Rotary exchange student, where she also got the chance to visit our company, she started in Hamburg working for the first time in the logistics industry.

“Australia has been a special time for me. I always liked traveling, getting to know different cultures and interesting people. That’s why I joined the exciting logistics industry.”

Agnes joined us after a trainee program for Air and Ocean Freight at Rhenus, which included one year working in Canada. Her dream came true when receiving the International Fairs & Exhibitions department position, connecting to all business units and her passion for organizing global transports and being in contact with countries all over the world. 

“I love working in a multilateral job. You get great experiences and insights into different habits when you are working in a foreign country. These are experiences you would never get as a tourist.”

Since then, Agnes has managed a lot of projects all over the world. Always one thing in mind “Take the customer further and make the impossible possible.”

For example, at an event in Sevilla, Agnes managed to get all trucks from Germany to Spain, regardless of whether there were strikes in France. Spontaneously, she changed the route from Germany to Italy and then utilizing a ferry to Spain. 

“Every day and every project is a new challenge that inspires me to look in new directions, develop new ideas, and find creative solutions. Nowadays this is important because the industry is changing and we have to stay on top of these global developments.” 

Since 2019 Agnes has been the primary contact person regarding the department ‘International Fairs & Exhibitions‘ for our partner Volocopter. She managed the transport of the MSN04 and batteries for the Volocity to Singapore in 2019, where Volocopter’s air taxi flew for the first time.

Agnes on a cargo bike

This year in July, Agnes was part of the delegation which traveled to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, US, to support the transport of the Volocity. As an honor, she could sign the Volocity for her outstanding work.

Last week Agnes joined the ITS World Congress in Hamburg and had been part of the first public VoloDrone flight of Volocopter.

“That was an absolutely amazing feeling. Everything we’ve worked for in the last years was successful, and the flight was a big milestone for all of us. It feels great to be part of this innovative development.”

In her free time, Agnes spends time with her family with four kids and is riding her mountain bike nearly every day for approximately 25 kilometers. Riding her bike is her personal time where she gets to think of new ideas and enjoy nature.

“My motto is never start stopping and never stop starting. I’m a fighter; I always have a plan B because I’m a very optimistic person. A challenge is just a new step for me to create a new solution.”

We are proud to have you onboard, Agnes! The work you are doing is incredible, and living with such engagement and passion.

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