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Amanda sitting at a desk in front of a computer smiling into the camera

Amanda is determined to safely make a change

In her role as Business Support Manager, Amanda is focused on establishing a health and safety environment quality management system for her department and pushing limits for a change.

The GPIS (Global Projects and Industry Solutions) team undertakes high-risk operations in their work scope; therefore, higher health and additional safety measures are required. Amanda took on the task to instill the right culture for health and safety at GPIS.

Seeing the behavioural change, and witnessing our safety culture growing, rewards me and keeps me enthusiastic about my job!

Portrait of Amanda

Amanda, Business Support Manager

Further development of a special HSEQ management system 

“Safety is a key success factor for GPIS. High-risk environments require high safety standards. Implementation is not usually a straightforward task. It comes with a shift in mindset for all parties involved. Seeing the behavioural change, and witnessing our safety culture growing, rewards me and keeps me enthusiastic about my job!”

Over the past two years, this management system has been a focal point for further development, training and implementation. Amanda and her colleagues are aware that this is the start of a continuous review and improvement process, and she is determined to be the constant source of persistent reminders about safety. Therefore, she likes sharing lessons learned to keep the awareness high and her goal is to make safety second nature and not something you do with a checklist.

GPIS department offers great ways of working 

For Amanda, GPIS is a great place to be. Not only because of the tasks and responsibilities but also in terms of flexibility. When she had her first child, she continued to manage development projects and support the global GPIS team working remotely from her home office. This type of flexibility enabled Amanda to take care of her daughter. 

Amanda standing at the ocean, holding a white dog in her arms

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys walking in the woods with her dog or spending time at the beach with her daughter. She also enjoys bike rides along the forest trails or participating in charity events, including a ride from London to Paris which she would love to repeat. It is always good to recover and recharge batteries with leisure activities.


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