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Portrait of Anette

Anette is a passionate change-maker

She brings over 22 years of experience to her role and, together with her team, she’s driving innovation in DB Schenker’s Insurance division.

Anette has spent much of her professional career working in the traditional insurance space, but she says one of the things she’s enjoying most now that she’s moved to the logistics industry the chance to make real change, and relatively quickly too. This is something she’s championing as a Senior Project Manager (and Corporate Insurance Manager), and more specifically in her Transformation and Digitalization initiative.

We fit together like a big puzzle, from really young people to more experienced ones, and experts to generalists.

Selfie of DB Schenker Employee Anette

Anette, Manager Global Insurance Solutions

“What we want to achieve through this project is highly innovative, unique and makes us fit for the future,” she explains. Something she’s enjoyed about DB Schenker so far is that Management supports this approach to innovation, and gives her and her team the freedom to reach their goals. “They ask all the important questions about cost, risk and benefits, and then they let us explore – it feels like they trust us,” she says.

Anette describes how, while insurance may not seem like a particularly interesting field on the surface, what her team does is vital to the organization as a whole. It’s not always a visible part of the business, but it’s tied in to every move that DB Schenker makes – covering every transport, every warehouse, every asset. “We’re a team of specialists working to unleash solutions that protect our customers and our balance sheet – it’s hardly boring,” she explains.

Speaking about her team, she identifies the interpersonal dynamic as one of the things she enjoys most at work. “We fit together like a big puzzle, from really young people to more experienced ones, and experts to generalists,” she says. She explains that in her time at DB Schenker, she’s also come to see that “One Team” is way more than just a slogan. She describes her colleagues’ open way of working, and how they’re not afraid to disagree with each other too. “We’ve all been on this same journey for two years, and I see real teamwork here – that’s what it makes it special,” she continues. Portrait of Anette Anette’s switch to DB Schenker coincided with a move to Hamburg, which is something she welcomed. She had lived between Berlin and Munich for most of her adult life, but as a child spent almost every holiday in the north of Germany. The opportunity to relocate to this part of the country sealed the deal for her, and she’s loving the change of pace now that she’s here. 

One of the things she enjoys about Hamburg is the outdoors lifestyle she can enjoy. “I spend a lot of time in nature with my pets, and I love to run,” she says. She also explains how her time with her dogs and horses makes her better in the office too. “As a change agent, I know how important it is to get people on board and motivate them, but this takes patience and clear communication – and that’s something my pets remind me of every day,” she concludes. 

There are currently open positions in Anette’s department, and if you feel like you’d be a good fit, now is your chance to apply. Find out more about our open positions in Global Insurance Solutions at DB Schenker here and here.

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