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DB Schenker Employee Angela IT Supervisor

Angela manages IT challenges through teamwork

Thanks to her expertise as an Engineer and as an IT Supervisor, Angela’s focus is on creating new possibilities.

With 10 years of work experience in IT Support at DB Schenker Nanjing, Angela built a team where everyone can count on each other one hundred percent. Though she has been an expert in IT for several years, she was not familiar with the logistic industry when she joined the company. Now it is a very different situation. “While strengthening IT-know-how, working with DB Schenker also allows me to gain knowledge in the logistics branch,” says Angela.

Within my team, we always look for opportunities to continuously improve each project.

DB Schenker Career IT Supervisor Nanjing

    Angela, IT Supervisor

Balancing Tasks and People

For Angela there is a great difference between being an engineer and being a supervisor. “As a supervisor, I’m not only responsible for myself and my daily work, I’m responsible for the entire team and the overall project success.” The most important motivation for Angela is to create a work environment in which everyone is respected and is working towards the same goal: making all efforts to ensure each and every project is its best. As a result, her team improved their performance step by step and is now much more effective in both the development and deployment of projects.

“We have a software release every two months. In the past, the deployment time was very long, but we made quite some efforts and reduced this time from 10 hours to around two hours.”

DB Schenker Technology Service Center Nanjing                                                                                              Technology Service Center, Nanjing (China)

Weekly stand-ups where everyone shares their current tasks, updates from the others are shared, and small informal team building help to ensure that everyone is involved in the project. For Angela, it is an advantage that so many of her colleagues have a long tenure at DB Schenker - which is not typical for IT companies. 

Even though Angela just received a long-time service award at the annual celebration in Nanjing, she is not going to sit back. There’s still a lot on her list. As Angela stated, “I want to reduce manual operation. For this, I'd like to create automatic scripts which will make our projects work and our support even faster and smarter.

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