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Cindy standing in front of a DB Schenker truck

Cindy developing her career over 14-years

Helping customers solve their pandemic-related logistics challenges  

Cindy joined the Ocean Freight Team in Greater China after completing her studies in “International Container Transportation Management.” She was 21 years old at the time, and looking to gain business experience in logistics and transportation. 

I have grown personally with this job, and I’m very thankful for getting the opportunity to be a part of such a great team.

Cindy holding up a DB Schenker sign

Cindy, Head of Tender Pricing Ocean Freight

Since then, Cindy has taken on every challenge that’s come her way over the last 14 years. She’s grown tremendously in her field and now manages tender pricing in DB Schenker’s Ocean Freight Department. 

“My daily work involves managing the internal coordination for ocean tenders,” Cindy says, “and aligning our strategy with management to gain more business and to keep growth at the forefront for DB Schenker.”

Managing Pandemic-Related Constraints

During the pandemic, Cindy—like many others—had to solve problems that she’s never faced before. Communication with customers and carriers became more complex and challenging, for example, with face-to-face communication no longer possible. 

Cindy and her team had to find solutions to stay in contact with the customers, solve their problems, and continue to provide a high-quality service. Later in the pandemic, a lack of ocean containers and shipping capacity created further challenges. 

Cindy holding up a DB Schenker sign

Ready to face those issues, Cindy and her team members worked hard to keep their customers’ freight moving. “We’re developing forecasts to help carriers hold enough containers to maintain a high quality of service for our customers,” she says. 

Regardless of business conditions or outside events, Cindy’s team dedicates much of its time and effort to finding the best solutions for DB Schenker’s customers. Every single container and every happy customer becomes a win, and a driver of her excitement and passion for being a part of the organization.

The DB Schenker Logo  

Every time Cindy passes a DB Schenker logo, she cannot resist but to do one thing: to take a picture. She’s not only absolutely passionate about the DB Schenker logo but also continues to display herself as a great example of engagement and commitment – especially during the challenging times caused by the pandemic.

“I love my job. DB Schenker gives me many opportunities to develop myself,” Cindy says. “The company has shown me how to work, how to be passionate about my job, and how to become professional. And for all that, the logo is a symbol for me.”

We couldn’t be prouder of Cindy for successfully taking on these challenges and responsibilities during this period of uncertainty. Well done Cindy for standing up and taking charge! We are rooting for you and supporting you as you advance in your career. 

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