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Elisabeth standing in front of a truck

Truck Drivers Elisabeth and Eddy enjoy the daily challenge of helping customers get their shipments from origin to destination on time

When Elisabeth gets to work in the morning, she knows there will probably be a new challenge waiting for her to tackle. 

She’s been driving delivery vans for DB Schenker since April 2021 and is always excited to learn what lies around the corner on every one of her routes. 
Elisabeth kicks off each day by loading parcels into the van. Packing everything correctly and according to the stops is always a challenge since there’s no way to rearrange the parcels in the middle of the delivery process.

Elisabeth standing in front of a truck

“Planning my route for the day while loading the parcels into my van is like playing an advanced game of Tetris,” Elisabeth explained. “As I load all my goods, one by one and by hand, there might be challenges getting the right parcel to the right stop if my planning is not done correctly.”

Meeting New People

Elisabeth also loves to meet new people as she goes about her workday. Because she delivers to many of the same customers regularly, Elisabeth has formed friendships with many of the people she interacts with. 

For example, one customer always offers her a “to go” cup of coffee. One time during the warmest summer months, the same customer brought her some ice cream.

These interactions with customers really brighten up my day

Elisabeth sitting in a truck

Elisabeth, Truck Driver

Bigger is Better 

A DB Schenker employee for the last 40 years, Eddy started with the company at the age of 17 and was responsible for washing the cars, vans, and trucks at its hub in the Netherlands. Five years later, Eddy become a certified commercial truck driver.

Eddy leaning against a truck

“My neighbor was a truck driver and a good friend of mine,” Eddy recalled. “I had the opportunity to drive with him sometimes during our summer vacations. It is impressive to sit in a truck. I like to be high above the road. For me, bigger is better.”

Today, Eddy drives the Actros with 15 to 20 tons of capacity from Tilburg to other cities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. One special delivery he fondly remembers is the transport of half of a helicopter for the Dutch Army. 

Educating Up-and-Coming Transportation Pros

For three years now, Eddy has been sharing his truck driving experience with younger employees at DB Schenker. He trains them on how to drive a truck, load a truck, and drive safely in traffic.

I really like to share my knowledge and my enthusiasm with the younger people

Eddy leaning against a truck

Eddy, Truck Driver

Eddy especially likes discussing with them the critical importance of safety and patience behind the wheel. “You have to be very patient when you’re on the road; safety is of utmost importance.”

On the Road Again

Anytime there are now younger colleagues to train, Eddy is happy to be on the road again. And the more challenges that come his way, the more he enjoys this very important position within the DB Schenker logistics ecosystem. Elisabeth also has her eye on a commercial truck driving license, which would fulfill a dream she’s had since she was a child: driving a big truck. Fingers crossed for your next chapter, Elisabeth!

We want to thank both of our drivers for being on the road for us almost every day and for serving an extremely important role in our company. We appreciate both of you.


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