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DB Schenker Employee Gerrit Facility Coordinator

Gerrit is thriving to be the best in the logistics sector

This energetic Facility Coordinator thrives in the teamwork environment at DB Schenker in the Netherlands.

With two brothers, a son, and two nephews all working under one roof, Gerrit’s family extends to the rest of his team, which knows it can always call him to help correct problems, develop solutions, and leverage new opportunities.

“Colleagues can always call me,” says Gerrit who dreamed of working in logistics since he was a little boy growing up in the Netherlands.

My brother worked in trucking and I liked what he was doing; that’s why I came to work here.

DB Schenker Facility Coordinator Gerrit

   Gerrit, Facility Coordinator

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Over the last 3+ decades, Gerrit has advanced through the company. In February 2020, Gerrit made a career switch from Warehouse Manager (Land Transport) to Facility Coordinator at the Tilburg Land Transport premises, which employees approximately 400 people in a 24,000-square-meter facility. There, Gerrit strives to help DB Schenker be the best in the logistics sector by focusing on top-notch solutions, customer service, and quality.

DB Schenker Facility Coordinator Gerrit at Tilburg Land Transport premise

Even as the logistics provider has grown, the family-like atmosphere and commitment to teamwork hasn’t changed. Gerrit spends his workday communicating with team members, managing quality control, and coming up with better ways of doing things. For example, he recently led an effort to paint guidance lines on the floor in order to help guide foot and vehicle traffic in the facility.

“Every day is a new day for me,” says Gerrit. “I can't tell you what I’ll be doing tomorrow, for example. That makes my job very exciting.”

Gerrit also enjoys being part of a team. “From top-down leadership, there is now more focus on teamwork,” he says. “I think it is important to listen to our front-line colleagues and look for the best solutions; they have many excellent ideas to share.”

He passes on his logistics experience and passion to younger employees who are learning about logistics and transportation. “I’m kind of a teacher for them,” says Gerrit, who was nominated as Best Practical Supervisor in the Netherlands by the Institute of STL. “These young people are our future, so helping them is important.”

This year, Gerrit was one of 13 DB Schenker employees to be presented the Global Value Ambassador recognition at the Global Management Meeting in Essen, Germany. “I was honored to be recognized as a Global Value Ambassador,” he says. “Being a part of that was a great experience.”

Treat it Like it Was Your Own

A conscientious Facility Coordinator who likes to see projects through to completion, Gerrit says his job has taught him the value of treating customers’ shipments as if they were his own property. He shares that approach with team members.

DB Schenker Tilburg Warehouse

“Treating all goods with utmost care is top priority. Satisfied customers are our ‘raison d'être’—the reason DB Schenker exists,” says Gerrit.

An avid pigeon racer who enjoys the sport in his time away from work, Gerrit is a family man who also likes to bike and watch football. He’s a member of a workplace social club, with employees congregating to share time together outside of work. Two years ago he organized a bingo event and dressed up like Father Christmas; his fellow employees are still talking about it.

Gerrit sees more great things ahead for himself, his career, and his company. “I really love it here, and I plan to stay for a long time.”

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