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DB Schenker Head of Hotel Logistics UK Heidi
DB Schenker employee Heidi in a warehouse
DB Schenker employee Heidi in conversation with a colleague

Heidi has been instrumental in the success of the Hotel Logistics product in the UK

With extensive experience in logistics, Heidi has spent the last few years developing DB Schenker UK’s Hotel Logistics Division.

When Heidi joined DB Schenker’s hotel logistics team in the UK as a project manager in 2016, she had her work cut out for her. In its infancy at the time, the division was already showing promise but needed a strong leader to shepherd it through those early stages.

It wasn’t until Heidi picked up a project that was already underway, and then saw that project through to completion, that she realized the pride and satisfaction that comes with working in the hotel logistics niche.

With every project we complete, we are learning and developing.

DB Schenker Head of Hotel Logistics UK Heidi

Heidi, Head of Hotel Logistics UK

“It wasn’t until I joined DB Schenker that I really began to understand the full scope of what was actually involved in the hospitality logistics product,” says Heidi, who has been working in logistics since she was just 17 years old. Today’s she’s Head of Hotel Logistics for Schenker, UK.

“I love working in such a niche and specialized area of the business and I thoroughly enjoy my work. Of course, it has its challenges but overcoming those challenges and successfully completing a project on time and with a happy client brings a huge amount of job satisfaction. I feel very proud of the work that me and the team have been involved in since joining Schenker.”

On the Job

DB Schenker serves as the logistics partner, helping to transport a wide range of products, such as leathers, fabrics, new and vintage furniture, and artworks. The company also provides logistics for hotel operating supplies such as chinaware and personal care products from the suppliers and their factories all over the world.  

The process is to consolidate the freight at a dedicated project warehouse ready for picking, delivery and installation at the project site, based on the delivery schedules and hotel managements team requests. The project itself could be a brand-new build or a refurbishment project. Previous and current projects include, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels.

“We work very closely with the investment companies, their project team and procurement agent to ensure that the freight is not only collected and delivered on time, but also within budget. We also work with the onsite project management team and principle contractors to coordinate the installation of the freight, furniture and fittings and removal of packaging waste.” DB Schenker employee Heidi in conversation with a colleague

Heidi explains, “As you can imagine, every project is unique in terms of the design, delivery program and access, so strategic planning and forward thinking are essential for us to deliver a successful project. Quite often the original schedule or plans may change and so we also need to be flexible in our approach and as one of the last contractors on site before opening our schedules can often be squeezed.”

This puts a lot of pressure on Heidi’s department, “We work our way through the new hotel building based on which spaces or areas are handed over to us as ready for installation. We have to allow for change and be flexible as you just never know what could happen, even something as simple as a lift breaking down for a day could have a huge impact on the days delivery or activities. It’s a long process and you have to be committed.”

Global Connections

Having worked for smaller companies in the past, Heidi says she enjoys DB Schenker’s corporate atmosphere and extensive network of global connections. “I enjoy working for a company with DB Schenker’s global connections and being part of a worldwide team,” says Heidi, who also likes the company’s pathways to personal improvement—be it through a new internal job opportunities or personal development training. “If you are willing to work hard, there are a lot of opportunities.”

Every Project is Different 

Not one to back away from a challenge, Heidi has thrown herself into supporting the development of a new division that’s already had some impressive results during its short lifespan. She sees great things ahead for her department, the company as a whole, and for herself.

DB Schenker employee Heidi in a warehouse “It’s a real privilege to play a vital part of the delivery process and see a project transform from a construction site into the final, finished product,” she says. And even thought every project is different, Heidi will always bring the lessons learned from past projects to ensure the success of the latest one.

“With every project we complete, we are learning and developing and taking those experiences on to the next one,’’ says Heidi, who in her time away from work enjoys traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, cuisines and meeting new people. “Any opportunity I get to try something new, I’ll take it.”

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