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Portrait of Karina

Karina's greatest fascination is learning and growing

Power, speed and acceleration: These are qualities you will associate with our colleague Karina from Miami, USA.

Right before and during the pandemic, Karina diligently worked on transferring an American leadership development tool, to a virtual environment. Karina sees taking on challenges as an opportunity to learn and to grow.

Challenges are formative – it's what drives me to grow

Portrait of Karina

Karina, Senior Training Instructor

Just before Christmas 2019 Karina became our teammate at the Regional Head Office in Miami.  She started as an Associate Training Instructor and was promoted to Senior Training Instructor for Region Americas just one year later. Her positive perspective and joy for life guides her work and motivates her to encourage others and create a positive environment for learning new things and learning from each other. When the pandemic hit Region Americas, it was Karina and her supervisor, who took on the challenge of adapting from normal life and in-person trainings to using innovation to thrive in the new virtual world.

Transforming from offline to a virtual leadership learning landscape

Together, Karina and her supervisor developed several training sessions – until she changed her position and handed full responsibility over to Karina. “Challenges are formative – it's what drives me to grow”: This was Karina’s first thought when her manager handed the tasks over to her during the current situation. Karina took charge and developed innovative online seminars for the Americas. With her learning mindset, Karina took ownership and created different tools to prepare for a great transformation.

Karina with group of people

Within a very short period of time, Karina integrated further workshops for leaders and took over responsibility for the quarterly newsletter named Leadership Inside Out! and calls every second month with over 1,000 participants. She is well known in Region Americas for leadership development and for her millennial mindset.

Taking on challenges

“My goal is to always continue learning! I truly love what I do – I have the opportunity to facilitate and create a safe space for leaders to develop, to learn and understand that we don’t have all the answers and that is okay. I am not here to tell people what to do, but to create an atmosphere for learning where people can show humility and ask questions to learn from one another.”  – Karina, Senior Training Instructor, Region Americas.

Joe in front of the Golden Truck

Karina is a young talented woman with roots from the Dominican Republic. She enjoys traveling, being active and playing sports – especially soccer. She is also rooted in her faith, which plays a tremendous part in her life. Karina has experienced different cultures – for example when studying in Seville, Spain – and enjoys learning and growing by exchanging with different cultures.

We are proud of Karina for successfully taking on this challenge and responsibility. Well done, Karina, for standing up and taking charge! We are rooting for you and looking forward to seeing you grow and encourage others to do the same.

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