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Miriam operating a forklift in a warehouse.

Mariam – A name that made history!

As part of our corporate social responsibility, in 2017, DB Schenker sponsored the first logistics technical class in Egypt in cooperation with El Sewedy Technical Academy.

One of DB Schenker's core beliefs is diversity. We are passionate about building a diverse and inclusive culture. Women are a real asset to any company. With our gender diversity target and respective female development programs and initiatives, we advocate for the presence of more females in our organization and in leadership positions. And thanks to the collective observation and continuous efforts and awareness brought to the gender gap issue in the logistics field in Egypt, with the utmost pride, we’d like to introduce Mariam, a proud alumna of the Logistics Academy, and the First Egyptian Female Forklift Driver.

Portrait of Miriam operating a forklift in a warehouse.

Mariam joined El Sewedy Technical Academy’s first logistics class in 2017. She graduated in 2020 with an all-over grade of 94.2%. In her three years of study, she has successfully completed her Practical Training courses including Logistics and Warehousing (Inbound and Outbound), Shipping, Loading & Unloading, Safety, in addition to other soft skills courses.

She was then trained to drive the Forklift and Reach Truck at DB Schenker’s warehouses by our expert staff and upon her graduation, DB Schenker sponsored Mariam to get her license from the Egyptian Authorities.

We’re honored to take part in Mariam’s professional journey and privileged to welcome her as a significant part of the DB Schenker team. She chose this admirable path out of her curiosity and determination to set an example for the Women of Egypt.

Mariam is working on receiving the special license, allowing her to drive more heavy equipment and to achieve her dream of becoming a Warehouse Manager. Her remarkable accomplishments have been a source of inspiration to every female student and graduate in the Academy. Mariam's choice paved the way for more females to confidently seek and join the logistics and warehousing industry.

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We are proud to provide equal opportunities for logistics students of all genders, religions, and social backgrounds to join, learn, work, contribute, and assert their place in the industry. As well as paving the way for other entities and companies to offer more inclusive and diverse opportunities. 

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