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Portrait of Philipp

Strategic pricing manager Philipp dedicates his time to work, family, and active living

When Philipp left the office in Frankfurt on March 16, 2020, he didn’t know it at the time but it would be 15 months before he would step foot back into that workspace. 

His first few weeks working from home were exciting and new, but Philipp soon discovered that he was not being active at all. In fact, some days he didn’t even leave his house. 

Do not try to please everybody – either in your business or private life. Do not forget to also take some time only for yourself.

Portrait of Philipp

Philipp, Strategic Pricing Manager

Philipp joined DB Schenker in November 2017 as a Business Intelligence Data Analytics Manager at the Revenue & Product Management for Land Europe. He later took charge of DB Schenker’s online booking tool, connect 4.0 land and holds now the position of Strategic Pricing Manager. One of his biggest career successes has been the development of the revenue product management department, as well as the rollout of connect 4.0 land in more than 15 countries in just six months.

A Renewed Outlook on Life and Health

In April 2020, Philipp decided to change his entire routine. Instead of working from home, he chose to go to his parents’ house and work from there every day. He made that 4,5 kilometer (there and back) walk daily, regardless of weather conditions. Philipp even expanded his walks to meet his new challenge of taking at least 10,000 steps every day. 

 Philipp's bike in the sunset

Additionally, he started bicycling and swimming to keep himself active. After 15 months, he’d lost 30 kilograms (66 pounds), walked 2,250 kilometers, rode 2,090 kilometers by bicycle, and swam two kilometers.

Motivating Others to Greatness

Philipp shared his changes with his colleagues and even took photos of the landscape during his walks and used them as his background during online meetings. After 18 months, he posted two “before and after” photos of himself, which went viral with almost 10,000 likes and more than 300 comments.
“When the pandemic started, many things in my life changed,” Philipp explained. “I did not commute to the office anymore; I could not continue with hobbies (I was volunteering and responsible for the regional German scout group) and many more.”

Philipp said his walks gave him back a daily structure that he’s now sharing with others. “The positive feedback I got for that is just amazing and very motivating,” he added. 
To his colleagues, Philipp offers this wise piece advice: “Take care of yourself! Do not try to please everybody – either in your business or private life. Do not forget to also take some time only for yourself. You will be much more resilient, productive, and successful in the long run.” A big thanks to you, Philipp, for your ongoing persistence and resiliency. We appreciate you.

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