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DB Schenker Director Yasuhiro

Yasuhiro brings global insight to Chicago

He’s climbing the ladder of success while also sharing his diverse knowledge of cultures, languages, and people with the DB Schenker team.

It was a sunny day in Osaka, Japan, when Yasuhiro decided to make his next career move and take on the position of Account Manager for Japanese multinational companies in Chicago. With prior experience working for companies abroad, Yasuhiro says this time was more special because he was on a mission.

Now, much like Sting’s hit song “Englishman in New York,” DB Schenker has its own “Japanese man in Chicago” who helps to bring a global insight to the company’s Illinois location.

I have a strong passion for geographies and working with people from different cultures.

DB Schenker Employee Yasuhiro

Yasuhiro, Director

A Diverse International Background

Educated in Japan, Mexico, and Spain, and fluent in Japanese, English, and Spanish, Yasuhiro has a diverse international background. After finishing his MBA in Barcelona, he wanted to join an international company where diversity is more than just a word.

In November 2013, he started as a DB Schenker Route Development Manager in Tokyo and was soon promoted to Head of Route Development Sales. Yasuhiro’s former manager in Tokyo encouraged him to take his next career step, and he moved to Chicago as Director of the Japan Competence Center.

“I have a strong passion for geographies and working with people from different cultures. Diversity inspires me and it moves me forward every single day,” he says. “I see the benefits in each culture and use them to my advantage.”

Attention to Cultural Nuances

Yasuhiro relocated with his immediate family to Chicago and since October 2016, he’s been serving Japanese multinational companies in the Americas. These customers need to be addressed differently due to cultural nuances.

“As clients, they’re used to being treated according to Japanese culture; they expect the same service in the U.S. as in Japan,” Yasuhiro says. “In Japan, we tend to over-communicate with our customers, whereas in the U.S. you will also find customer orientation, but much of that is rather casual.”

DB Schenker building in Schaumburg Illinois                                                                                      DB Schenker, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

Whenever he’s communicating with Japanese customers, Yasuhiro keeps these three main points in mind:   

  1. Demonstrate Kaizen. This continuous improvement approach includes admitting mistakes and showing preventive actions.
  2. Read between the lines and pay attention to non-verbal communications. “You might find that the Japanese customer is saying something, but the true intention could be something different,” says Yasuhiro. “Body language is very important.”
  3. Build long-term relationships with decision-makers and influencers. “This takes time and is based on respect and trust,” he adds. “Business is not a short-term endeavor – it must be grown over time.”

Bridging the Gap

Yasuhiro is particularly successful in his current position because he knows all about cultural differences. His experiences in Mexico, Spain and Germany have all played a part in his personal growth and of course, he is implementing his specialty of Japanese and United States of America culture in his present position. In fact, he serves as a bridge between multiple cultures and enjoys exploring even more diversity.

He also loves to dance. In his spare time, Yasuhiro loves doing the Tango with his wife – another passion which has followed him since he studied in Mexico. He’s a true globetrotter and a bridge across several cultures, making him important to DB Schenker’s diverse culture.  

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