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Apprenticeship Function
Job Function Apprenticeship
Job Function Apprenticeship

Our Apprenticeships are Where You Start Today for Meaningful Career Development

This is where it all starts. This is where experts and leaders are made, and diamonds like you are polished. This is where you get your foot in the door and get an insider’s look into the world of logistics as we know it. 

If you ever wondered how we live in such a vibrant community with goods and supplies from every corner of the world. If you ever wondered how at the press of a button from your phone you can have goods on your doorstep within a few hours. If you ever wondered, “how far can I go?” then you should take a closer look at our apprenticeships. 

Apprentices are the best way for you to gain first experience and have a better career tomorrow. Get up, get going, and leverage your time and energy to make an impact on your career.

We offer apprenticeships in different departments including freight forwarding and logistics, land transport, warehouse logistics, office management, drivers, plant mechanics and engineering.

We believe that this is the right place for you to begin. Apply straight away, spread your wings, and steer your career in the right direction with us. 

Are you ready to do this?

We strongly believe in having fun and learning together.

That’s why we keep things as vibrant and happening as possible. We do this by bringing in ambitious talents through our apprenticeship positions!

Whether you’re exploring your options or looking to get a unique opportunity with one of the world leaders in the transport and logistics industry, this apprenticeship is for you. 

While working with us, you will get a chance to:

  • Learn important skills
  • Discover where your heart lies
  • Interact with professionals and learn their ways
  • Gain instant support, recognition, and respect 
  • Add experience to your portfolio

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Get to know our Apprentices

Are you eager to get some further insights? Be inspired of our colleagues who support our goals, live our culture, and show their passion every day. We are offering a great place to work which welcomes people who desire to make a difference and impact.

DB Schenker Trainees VR Technology

Nell and David, Apprenticeship

"There are so many different attractive and complex work areas, I’d never guessed."
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Benefits of working at DB Schenker


We know our employees are our greatest assets. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best benefits for them, from competitive salaries to optimal health care offerings and paid leave policies.

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DB Schenker Culture Team

Our Values

Get to know how we work at DB Schenker

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Do you have any questions about an open job position? 

Then please contact the person listed in the job offer. You can find out more about our current vacancies here.

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