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360° Experience – a virtual warehouse tour

The 360° video tour offers new employees, colleagues, customers and anyone interested in a warehouse tour to experience one in a new way: using VR glasses and your mobile device or a laptop. You’ll experience a 360° tour and an up-close-and-personal look at the inner workings of one of the world’s most advanced contract logistics facilities.

Our sites are integral part of who we are as a company, and this 360° tour will show you our organization and how we advance business and lives, globally. Logistics as close as it gets will bring onboarding and customer experiences to the next level and drive our vision of becoming an employer of choice.


VR-Technology: Training experience at a higher level 

DB Schenker’s contract logistics warehouse in Leipzig, Germany is developing the logistics workforce of the future by focusing its efforts on people development, efficient processes, and (VR-) technology. 

Much more than just a pick-and-pack warehousing operation, DB Schenker’s contract logistics facility in Leipzig, Germany empowers employees with the tools, expertise, and skillsets that they need to succeed—both in their present jobs, and in their future careers. 

Built in 2011 and expanded to 125,000-square-meters in 2013, the facility manages the planning and execution of the end-to-end packaging and shipping process for roughly 7,200 part numbers. Working together, more than 1,000 contract logistics employees ship about 3,500 packages daily on 130 trucks.

"In Leipzig, our people are driving the business,” said Frank Rother, Branch Manager. "Our success as a company is based on the personal engagement of the employees, effective training experience, their years of experience in logistics, and their excellent great teamwork and strong cohesion." 

Running at Optimal Levels

An arrangement in which a partner warehouse receives, stores, and ships goods for a client, contract logistics typically encompasses services like inventory management, handling, packaging, and shipping. Complex operations, these facilities rely heavily on the expertise of their workforces to keep them running at optimal levels.

Whether they’re receiving “live” training via a virtual reality (VR) headset, working side-by-side with engineers to learn the intricacies of product packaging, or learning how to lead a team of forklift drivers through the day’s activities, employees can leverage a multifaceted, modern training experience.

Anna Förster, Head of Packaging Solutions, works with team members to develop packaging that helps protects automotive components from rust, scratches, and dents. This requires the effort of dozens of packaging engineers who are trained on the job in DB Schenker’s innovative training approach. 

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A Unique, Tech-Based Training Approach

In the Leipzig contract logistics facility, the Joint Enterprise Lab for Logistics and Digitalization program focuses on packaging and order-picking processes. The first of its kind, the training program was built around six exercises that teach employees by encouraging playful learning.  

DB Schenker Trainees VR Technology

Because opportunities to train with real equipment during ongoing operations can be limited for a facility that runs around the clock, employees in Leipzig use VR to step into a virtual world where they can interact with the training environment and learn movement sequences.

Collaborating with the Fraunhofer Institute for several years, this innovative employee training program marks yet another milestone in the digitalization of logistics processes and our focus on Logistics 4.0.

Other advanced training options include gaming applications that truck drivers use to prepare for their time on the road and that contract logistics employees utilize to familiarize themselves with floor conveyor technology. And this past April, employees at the Leipzig facility put a Jungheinrich reach-truck simulator through its paces and provided feedback on the experience. 

“Whatever concept is implemented in the new training and innovation center here in Leipzig,” said Rother, “it needs the blessing of the people who will be operating it.” 

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Jumpstarting their Careers 

Focused on operational excellence, the contract logistics facility supports ongoing career development, encourages “productive” lunch breaks (i.e., where employees can start preparing for their next job promotion), and offers a wide variety of training opportunities. 

Both Nell and David jumpstarted their logistics careers with an apprenticeship at DB Schenker’s Leipzig warehouse. Both were instantly pleased with their career selection. Nell learned of the opportunity at a vocational training fair in Leipzig.

After a short internship in the warehouse and logistics center, Nell began her apprenticeship. “Before I started my training, I had no idea what the work would be like for me,” she said. “I could only think of a large warehouse and heavy male labor. But there are so many different, appealing and complex work areas and departments in Leipzig, I never would have guessed.”

DB Schenker maximizes our employees’ unique skillsets, encourages individuality, and provides the modern technology they need to be able to do their jobs. Click here to learn more about the many career opportunities at DB Schenker.