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Integrated. Lean. Value-creating.

At DB Schenker, we are one passionate team, with one goal, delivering business-focused solutions to shape the future. It is each of our people that drives our success, so our purpose is to put people at the heart of what we do and unleash our people’s potential.

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Our industry is growing, competition is increasing, and the pandemic has impacted the way we all live and work. The market changes quicker than ever before and it’s difficult for businesses of all scales to plan for what is to come. To meet these challenges, DB Schenker needs to ensure it is future fit. That’s why we have been on a transformation journey from HR to People & Organization (P&O), becoming more integrated, lean and value-creating along the way. As part of this, we’ve stepped back and assessed our approach as a whole. Our business depends on our people. It is our ability to have the right individuals and right skills focused on a challenge at the right time that will set us apart now, and make us a partner of choice well into the future. 

Our Vision

Our journey is going to take many steps to complete, but the vision we have is clear: 

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We, People & Organization, elevate our business by being a trusted partner through shaping a culture of excellence. Collectively we lead the change towards an agile and people-centric organization for sustainable success.

This is what will guide as we bring a new energy to our organization, and each aspect of the vision plays a role. 

Our Ambition

Everything we do is in service of becoming more integrated, lean and value-creating. 

But what do we mean by that?

Being integrated is about leveraging our global and local expertise to provide the best solution every time. We will ensure, that beside the customer and financial perspective, the people-perspective becomes a crucial element in whatever we decide. 

Being lean is about making best use of the resources we have and focusing our attention where it’s needed. We only do the right things, and we always do them right. 

Being value-creating is about making sure that we develop processes and approaches with our overall business aims in mind. We focus on our internal and external customer in everything we do.

What’s in a Name?

This new intention is reflected in our new name, People & Organization (P&O), but its impact goes way beyond what we call ourselves. It will influence how we shape all our processes and engagements to create real value for DB Schenker. 

It is a key milestone and was something we decided to do early on in the journey to signal that we are on our way. It clearly signals our intent and new approach. HR, or Human Resources, is a term that has been used for decades. But by now organizations have moved beyond seeing their people as just numbers. They are not just resources to be used as needed. They have their own skills, viewpoints, and abilities. They are what define a business. Beside the focus on people, we want to further develop our organizational culture, integrate, and live our organizational values and align structure and people in organizational designs that lead to success. So, our new name “People & Organization” encompasses this paradigm shift.

Our transformation process has begun, and in 2022 it will grow and develop, positively impacting both our organization as well as each individual employee – all 76,100+ of us. We have the opportunity now to build a better path to the working world of tomorrow, and we’re excited by the possibilities ahead.

Our Guiding Principles

Guiding principles will empower us with the needed flexibility to provide real business solutions. It is through these ideas that we will initiate and see a fundamental mind shift. A mindshift which enables us to identify and deploy best practices to make our strategy a reality. 

  • Leading by Purpose

DB Schenker has a strong purpose: We advance businesses and lives by shaping the way our world connects. Our whole transformation journey is guided by this. It’s the goal we’re working towards in everything we do, guided by our P&O vision. We strive towards unleashing our people’s potential.

  • Agility

We want to launch minimum viable products early on so that we can make progress as we keep our end target in focus. This also means we’re adaptable as we go, always developing solutions with our internal and external customers in mind. By applying agile project management techniques, we ensure quick result delivery. Importantly, we only use agile approaches where they can truly add value. 

  • Guidance by Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

Inspiring strategic objectives and concrete key results give us guidance and direction. Regular intervals of reviews and retrospectives will show where to adjust and flag out every team’s contribution to our strategic targets.


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We’re far more than a global leader in logistics. We’re one team. And our diverse team works together to achieve global size goals to move our customer’s further. Our team is made of many people, from all around the world, with many talents.
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