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Group of DB Schenker Employees having a conversation around a table in the office.
It's all about talent.

Talent is our treasure.

Our people are the heart of our business and we’re here to support every move they make. We strongly believe that all our internal talents are a real treasure. Their commitment makes us logistic leaders. Their innovative thinking helps us find new solutions. 

We want to ensure that our people have opportunities to grow and advance their careers throughout their time at DB Schenker. It is our ambition that each employee finds the job, position, and function that is fitting for them. Together we are looking at their passion, skills, viewpoint, and abilities because we know:

Everyone shapes our business success and the way how we as a team move forward. 

We support this with a clear and structured approach to talent management and offer a range of programs that help people to realize their goals. No matter where you are or will be in your journey with us, we want you to be able to attain your personal and professional aspirations. 

We know we have great talents in our company, and with that comes great opportunity. We believe that when individual careers continue to progress, our organization becomes more competitive and sustainable as a whole. 

These are just some of the talent management initiatives that give people at DB Schenker the chance to take their careers to the next level:

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Talent Programs

Leadership development is a significant driver at DB Schenker, so we offer focused training for individuals moving into this space. Whether you are going to manage others for the first time, lead other leaders, or take on a top management position, our Global Talent Programs will help you develop the skills you need to succeed.
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Talent Reviews

We believe that talent management is a collaborative process that involves both employers and employees. That’s why we encourage regular conversations between leaders and their team members so individuals can check in on their progress and play an active role in their career development.
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Talent Turbos

Our Talent Turbos give employees the opportunity to interact directly with senior leadership during key meetings. Whether you want to share your career aspirations, present an idea for a project, or connect with mentors, supercharging your potential could start right here!
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Shoe Swap Program

Perspective is everything. With Shoe Swap, you will experience a colleague’s role first-hand as you spend a day getting immersed in a different part of DB Schenker. It is a chance to share know-how and gain an insight into potential career paths, roles, and positions. The next step in your journey could start right here.
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Mentoring is an essential part of the DB Schenker culture across all levels of our organization – and it is a two-way street. Becoming a mentor helps you to build leadership and communication skills, and as a mentee, you gain valuable advice and insight to navigate your career path as you progress. We provide resources through a mentoring toolbox to help guide the journey too.
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Digital Learning Platform

Our online Learning Portal gives you the ability to grow your knowledge anywhere, any time. It contains information and tutorials covering a wide range of topics, from skills that support your everyday role to resources that help you to take your abilities to the next level.
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Free Learning Opportunity for You

Together with our learning partner Bookboon, we offer you the opportunity to download over 100 eBooks and audiobooks - completely FREE!

Simply select your preferred language and enjoy your learning experience with us!
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Job Shadowing

Whether you want to better understand another aspect of our business or build new skills, there is so much you can gain by watching someone else in action. Job shadowing shows you to work alongside a colleague to get insights into their role. It’s a targeted and focused way to learn something new and a chance to make some new connections too.
Talent Management DB Schenker Trainee

Trainee Program

Participants in our trainee program gain a broad overview of the various areas of our company. You'll be assigned a variety of different locations and tasks, which offers you the chance to build up a network, gather technical expertise and ultimately assume responsibility for live projects within the company. Special trainee seminars, projects and mentor meetings will help you develop your social, technical and personal skills
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Design Thinking Training

Developed in collaboration with our Global Innovation department, these sessions are led by a specialist trainer with specific experience in our field. Not only will they equip you with the latest design thinking knowledge and tools, but also the mindset to be a shaper of our business’s future.
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G.O.L.D. Campus Learning Platform

This is where you’re able to truly unlock your potential through personal and professional development training and programs. Together with trainers and colleagues from all over the world, it’s the place to supercharge your skills.