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We work closely with you to develop customized supply chain solutions. We also offer many supplementary services, including customs clearance, co-packing, fulfillment, production supply, projects shipments, fairs and exhibitions services, and eco-friendly transport. 

Consumer Market Logistics

Consumer market logistics can be complex. DB Schenker has an in-depth understanding of the consumer industry and offers innovative and responsive logistics solutions. We can help you reduce your total expenses and increase efficiency at all stages, giving you a competitive advantage.

Our numerous consumer industry partners have trusted us to optimize the supply chains of their business-to-consumer organizations for years. We work closely with each of our consumer customers to develop customized solutions that:

  • Optimized inventories and shortened time to market.
  • Improved relationships with business partners.
  • Global footprint with international supply chain capabilities.
  • Solution design tools to assist in both strategic and tactical planning of distribution networks and the design of facilities.
  • Dedicated warehouse solutions with leading edge technologies to drive and optimize labor costs.
  • Dedicated co-packing solutions specifically designed for the consumer industry.

Furthermore, our global network and strong local presence in countries throughout the world means that your supply chain is handled reliably in all countries. We link our four modes of transport to enhance the speed and costs of your deliveries. Our value-added services and warehousing products create true end-to-end solutions that cover the full scale of your supply chain. 

Lastly, we also offer a variety of supplementary service. From customs clearances to fairs and exhibitions services, we guarantee your success, no matter the area of the consumer market you are focused in. 

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