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Nothing Breaks a Strong Spirit: Keeping it Moving!

COVID-19 Response – Standing tall in difficult times to master logistics challenges with creative solutions.
COVID-19 24/7 News Updates

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Hundreds of thousands of test kits for Asia

DB Schenker handles Air Freight for Korean manufacturer SD Biosensor.
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Delivering the Gold Standard

1872 Athletes, 79 Countries, 16 Sports, 13 Days
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Can you put a warehouse into operation during Coronavirus at short notice?

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We need high-speed delivery of medical supplies. Can you deliver?

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Joining Forces to Deliver Priority Shipments of Anti-COVID Disinfectants

DB Schenker and DF Partner joins forces to distribute priority shipments of Anti-COVID disinfectants.
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We Turn Schnapps into Hand Sanitizers. Can You Ship?

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Keeping the World’s Food Supply Chains Running

We are supporting ALDI in sourcing several hundred tons of pasta.
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DB Schenker La Conciergerie High-End Fashion Gallery

“White Glove” Logistics for the World’s Luxury Fashion Brands

DB Schenker moves luxury fashion around the world with its new white glove La Conciergerie service
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Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Published on Nov 12, 2018. Modified on Dec 13, 2018.

An incredible amount of data is generated every day. Managing big data within and outside of the supply chain is and will be the key challenge for global logistics providers.

We at DB Schenker connect with internal and external partners to improve supply chains and provide new data-driven services – internally and for our customers. Based on state-of-the-art machine learning and data mining technologies as well as prescriptive and predictive analytics, we identify optimization potential, cost-saving opportunities, and develop innovative best-in-class services. By delivering data-driven supply chain optimization solutions and decision support systems in fields like demand forecasts and network and capacity planning we ensure a strong global advancing position beyond the classical logistics industry.