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DB Schenker connect 4 land: New booking platform for Land Transport

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eSchenker: New design – Same range of functionalities

The new design offers a much cleaner, more modern look and feel by still providing the known extensive set of eServices and functionalities.

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DB Schenker and Airbus Join Forces to Advance Airplane Production and Support More Transatlantic Trade

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DB Schenker in Romania continues to plant good deeds

Published on May 16, 2017. Modified on Sep 18, 2017.

DB Schenker in Romania continues to collaborate with the non-profit organization, Ecoassist, and together they have developed a tree planting project, which is being implemented in important regions. For the company the environmental protection program is very important, therefore it is taking serious measures. 

For 2017, the first tree planting activity took place on March, in Teleorman County, where over 450 volunteers, including 13 DB Schenker employees, planted 5,000 trees in just one day.

The project started in 2013, when a large number of DB Schenker volunteers, along with their friends and family, got together and participated at a planting event.

“We Plant Good Deeds in Romania” is volunteer program in Romania. The initiative is scheduled to run for a period of five to seven years at a national level and its main objectives are to report illegal deforestation, to organize tree plantings on public land that is not currently included in the forest fund, to monitor the plantings and to perform maintenance activities.