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DB Schenker connect 4 land: New booking platform for Land Transport

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eSchenker: New design – Same range of functionalities

The new design offers a much cleaner, more modern look and feel by still providing the known extensive set of eServices and functionalities.

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Ready for take-off

DB Schenker and Airbus Join Forces to Advance Airplane Production and Support More Transatlantic Trade

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Diversity @ DB Schenker

Published on Sep 19, 2017. Modified on Feb 16, 2018.

We have launched several initiatives and projects that are aiming at increasing Diversity, promoting success, celebrating differences, showing that we can be unique – not like everybody else – and be successful.

Below you can read some of our planned and “running” initiatives:

“More women in operational management” – we aim to have more women in leadership positions in the operational field, so we are working on mentoring program, development and career planning, marketing and onboarding programs.

Diversity awareness and unconscious bias trainings – will be available for almost 70,000 employees.

Diversity game – via the playful activity we tackle the topic of Diversity and support the culture of change.

Success story sharing – only by setting a good example and sharing success stories, we can encourage each other.