Fashion & Retail

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Speed, flexibility and efficiency are what the retail industry expects from logistics providers. Take advantage of our global network of air, ocean, land, and rail freight to ensure on-schedule distribution to retailers or end customers. We work with you to develop a flexible supply management system, so you're always ready to respond to new market requirements.

Fashion and Retail Supply Chain Management

Speed, flexibility, and efficiency are key in the retail industry, which means you should expect a logistics provider who can supply the same qualities. That’s why numerous retailers across the globe trust DB Schenker for their fashion and retail supply chain management solutions.

When high demand for a product creates a rush order, DB Schenker’s global network expedites goods from anywhere in the world, directly to the customer. We work with you to develop a flexible supply chain management system that enables you to respond to new market requirements, such as increased demand.

Aside from our global network, our air, ocean, land, and rail freight shipping solutions provide reliable, on-schedule distribution to retailers or end consumers. Plus, our transparent and traceable stock levels and delivery routes mean you keep track of your freight wherever in the world it goes.

But it’s not just about production and distribution. To survive in fashion and retail, you must adapt to an ever-changing landscape. We’ve got that covered. We make sure your supply chain is supported with quality checks and equipped with the latest e-commerce solutions for order fulfilment and distribution. We’ll also assist with your commoditization needs. Using our international network, we’ll make it possible for you to successfully market a product that is still unknown on a global scale.

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