General Air Freight Products

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With three air freight shipping solutions, SCHENKERjetcargo gives you the speed and reliability you need for your air cargo shipment.

When you’re looking for an air freight solution, you want one that fits your individual cargo and supply chain needs. With DB SCHENKERjetcargo, you’ll get to choose from our freight shipping solutions that will fit the speed and reliability you need for your shipment. 

When you’re sending pallets with DB Schenker, consider one of the following DB SCHENKERjetcargo packages for your air freight delivery: 

DB SCHENKERjetcargo first - Express Delivery for Rush Shipments
If you need your shipment delivered within a specific timeframe, this product is for you. With daily transports, using first-class carriers, all-in prices, there’s no rush this product can’t handle.

DB SCHENKERjetcargo business - The Standard for Express Shipments
No rush? No problem. DB SCHENKERjetcargo business is the standard product for all express air freight shipments. From guaranteed delivery times and first-class carriers, to all-in prices, we’re raising the bar on standard air freight express delivery. 

DB SCHENKERjetcargo economy - The Budget-Friendly Option for Less Urgent Shipments
If you’re more worried about price than time, consider our economy option. With low-cost air cargo shipping rates, timely deliveries, and all-in prices, this cost-friendly option doesn’t sacrifice on quality. 

DB SCHENKERjetcargo special - A Tailored Option for Your Air Cargo Needs
Special freight categories deserve tailored options. With DB SCHENKERjetcargo special, we offer customized solutions to fit your individual needs. Talk to our experts to find the right air freight solution for your cargo.

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