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When automotive legends leave the ground

Prototypes, design studies, classic cars and legendary automobiles - these are the precious cargo managed by the DB Schenker Automotive Division at Stuttgart Airport's Air Cargo Center.

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Logistics Engineering for the World’s Most Valuable Brands

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Logistics Orchestrator

Taking aftermarket logistics to the next level with the Logistics Orchestrator

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e-commerce logistics on Singles‘ Day

Peak Management on the world’s busiest day for online shopping. DB Schenker is handling all logistics for a prestigious US fashion house during China’s Singles' Day.

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With three words to any place in the world

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Innovation and Digitalization

Innovation is about looking beyond the existing. Challenging the status quo. Develop the best solutions beyond borders and for maximum value for everyone.

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DB Schenker connect 4 land: New booking platform for Land Transport

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Ready for take-off

DB Schenker and Airbus Join Forces to Advance Airplane Production and Support More Transatlantic Trade

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Lead Logistics Americas

Published on Sep 4, 2017. Modified on Jan 24, 2018.

Present both in North and South America, DB Schenker has both intimate knowledge of local practices and global capabilities. The Americas is an extensive and versatile region. North America boasts a mature and homogeneous logistics market, while emerging markets across South America experience rapid growth and logistics challenges. 

The North American market is relatively uniform and covers a vast geographical area. Economies of scale will be an important aspect of your distribution chain, both in terms of transportation and warehousing activities. To achieve this, you need a reliable and experienced partner with local knowledge and global capabilities. DB Schenker can optimise your existing North American ground transport network of carriers, combine your international and domestic shipments and offer visibility and control of your supply chain. South America presents a different set of challenges and demands on your logistics solutions. Laws and regulations, cultural variance and the complicated tax regimes of emerging markets make for complex supply chains. DB Schenker has in-depth knowledge of markets such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. We can assist with selecting, measuring and managing the local carriers and third party logistics service providers. As your single point of contact, we can fully integrate and manage your outsourcing partnerships. In doing so, your freight distribution becomes more efficient and your supply chain becomes easier to control. 

DB Schenkerleadlogistics Americas is the global player with strong local knowledge. We can achieve administration and transportation cost savings, increased flexibility and better inventory velocity in your supply chain via: 

  • Worldwide integrated multi-modal transportation network 
  • Strategic global warehousing and hub facilities 
  • Global supply chain information technology systems and visibility tools 
  • Expertise on the latest global trade regulations and free trade agreement