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Paperwork needed from the consignee (located in the UK)

From January 1st 2021, customs declarations need to be complete to allow seamless transport to the United Kingdom. In addition to the export documentation requirement of the supplier it is vital that the consignees located in the UK should provide the documents below via email to DB Schenker.

DB Schenker strongly advises the suppliers to forward the below message to their consignees and make sure they act upon it. This implies that the supplier sends DB Schenker the needed documents on behalf of its consignee.

Please note if necessary documents are missing, DB Schenker won't be able to ship the suppliers goods to the final destination.

Message to the consignee:

To ensure seamless transport to the United Kingdom, it is necessary to customs clear the goods in both the EU and the UK. DB Schenker is offering these clearance services and can act on your behalf as a customs agent.

Failure to provide the necessary documents will result in your shipment not being able to be delivered. Please find below the required documents:

Please complete and send a signed copy, including the UK company's contact details, to the shipper of the goods to provide to DB Schenker.
DB Schenker in the UK will reach out to you as soon as the shipment needs to be cleared.

In addition to the above, as a consignee, you need to confirm for each shipment:

Please note if these documents are missing, we won't be able to ship your goods to the final destination.

How to transform the 8-digit export code into a 10-digit import code:

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As of October 2021 – this information is supplied without liability.