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Frequently asked questions

What is Connect 4 Ocean?

Connect 4 Ocean is a digital platform developed for connecting you to the world of Ocean logistics

  1. Get an instant quote:

    With only a few clicks, you will receive a rate, a schedule, and a door-to-door transit time instantly

  2. Place booking online:

    The tool enables you to book the shipment in just a few minutes

  3. Track all of your shipments:

    We ensure end-to-end visibility along your supply chain and provide full transparency

How do I book cargo through Connect 4 Ocean?

Step1: Enter the origin and destination for your shipment. You can enter a port or a door location depending on your need. Do not forget to enter a ZIP code to specify your door location.

Step2: Select the type of cargo/container you would like to book. Step3: Select your desired schedule and rate.

Step4: Finally, depending on the service type chosen, fill out the required information about shipper and recipient.

Step5: Congratulations! You have successfully booked your cargo with DB Schenker. You can now focus on other tasks while we take care of your shipment.

Who can do business with Connect 4 Ocean?

Only business customers/companies can use Connect 4 Ocean. Hence, you at least need a valid VAT number for booking with us. Unfortunately, we cannot serve shipment request from consumers and private customers without a VAT number. 

How is the payment processed within Connect 4 Ocean?

The payment is handled via a regular invoice.

Which services can I book?

Using Connect 4 Ocean, you can book both full container load (FCL) or less container load (LCL). We currently offer our customers the possibility to book 20, 40 DC, and 40 HC containers.
In terms of FAK (Freight All Kind) bookings, we only offer those which do not include special commodities. We also cannot accept used goods, such as cars.
You can book dangerous goods with class 3 (Flammable Liquids), class 8 (Corrosives), and class 9 (Miscellaneous Products or Substances).

Does Schenker also offer similar services for Land and Air Freight?

This is not Yes, we do. We are in the process of developing three separate platforms: Land, Ocean, and Air, and we plan to merge all three to one platform in the future.

How can I register a new user?

Please use your SIMS Login from eSchenker or register on our website.

Can I book cargo without creating an account?

During our testing phase, only our German customers our customers in Germany with an existing account will be able to access the tool. Once we roll out our platform globally in the future, each visitor will be able to get a quote and book through our website without having to log in.
However, an account will be required to track your shipment and take advantage of some of our other features.

Can I save a quotation?

At this time, the rate is only valid at the moment you search for it.

Who is my Schenker contact for questions regarding my Connect 4 Ocean booking?

You can chat live with a Schenker Ocean Freight operator between 09:00–16:00 CEST through our website, or you can contact us at global-oceanonline@dbschenker.com.

How do you know the address of the company I am looking for?

We use Google API data with which it is possible to check rates and schedules for door-to-door bookings. Please be sure to provide a ZIP code to specify your door locations.

How can I track my container?

You need to log in to your Schenker Connect 4 Ocean account and view the status of all your shipments in the shipment area.