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Nordic Growth

How DB Schenker helps boost Sephora’s e-commerce business in Scandinavia.

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When automotive legends leave the ground

Prototypes, design studies, classic cars and legendary automobiles - these are the precious cargo managed by the DB Schenker Automotive Division at Stuttgart Airport's Air Cargo Center.

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Assessment Center

Published on Jul 10, 2017. Modified on Nov 6, 2018.

Your chance to shine in different disciplines!

The Assessment Center is the supreme discipline for applicants and companies alike. At the Assessment Center you have the opportunity to excel in different disciplines and thus to overcome one of the last hurdles on your way to employment at DB Schenker.

To acquaint you with the typical elements of an AC here are a few examples of exercises which are frequently used:

In a well-structured interview you will answer questions about your CV, your career progress to date, past experiences, successes and failures, competencies and technical questions specific to your target position. 

Group discussion
At the group discussion stage you have to discuss a pre-defined or self-chosen topic with your fellow applicants. The roles are sometimes pre-set so that you may have to take up and defend a certain position.  The role plays are primarily about displaying teamwork and diplomacy in your communication style.

Case study
In the case study you will hear one or several concrete work related problems which you have to solve within a given timeframe.

Solo / group presentations
For your solo or group presentation you can either choose one of several topics or will be allocated a specific topic. You are given a time frame in which you have to prepare a presentation which you will hold at the end. In the group presentation you have to discuss solutions within the team and present the results. 

Role plays
Role plays are a very popular method of testing how people react in given situations. The most popular types of role plays consist of staff appraisal scenarios as well as customer meeting role plays. In the appraisal scenario your role is to put yourself in the position of a colleague or boss and hold a critical conversation with a member of staff. In the customer meeting scenario you may play the role of company representative who has to make a complaint or you may hold a sales pitch with a fictitious customer.

In-tray exercise
In the in-tray exercise you have to order tasks according to their level of priority in a very short time frame.  This scenario tests your ability to set priorities under time pressure and assesses how you justify your decisions.