Supply Chain Solutions

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As your LLP, we use our established products, global transportation network, strategic partners and innovative technology to optimize your supply chain. 

As a leader in global freight transportation and logistics, DB Schenker has the services you need to help you manage your supply chain. By acting as a Lead Logistics Provider combined with supply chain services such as sales/order management services and strategic network design tools we assist you in re-designing, managing and better control your supply chain. 

When you choose us as your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP), we will harness our established products, global transportation network, strategic partners, and innovative technology to:

  • Reduce your supply chain costs
  • Increase flexibility
  • Build inventory velocity. 

Our End-to-End Sales and Order Management Services provide full supply chain transparency and reliability. Through the efficient processing and distribution of purchase orders at PO line level, you can avoid high pile of stocks or stock-out situation at your production line.

Furthermore, our Strategic Network Design tools determine the optimum distribution network for your business. By taking a holistic view of locations, facilities, and material/product flow, our innovative modeling tools give you current and future-proofed solutions for distribution. 

When you allow an LLP to manage your supply chain, you need an experienced provider you can trust. With our extensive global network, DB Schenker has that experience and track-record. 

You can rely on us to coordinate:

  • Different traffic carrier partners
  • Multi-modal transportation options
  • The right mix of our comprehensive logistics products and services to keep your supply chain lean and successful. 

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