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DB Schenker Employee District Manager Mabel at work

Mabel balancing career growth and family

For Southeast District Manager Mabel, a successful career in logistics is truly “self-fulfilling” 

We’re proud to introduce Mabel, a Southeast District Manager who joined DB Schenker when BAX Global was acquired by DB Schenker in 2006. Starting out as a branch manager for Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Puerto Rico, Mabel advanced through the organization and has been in her current role since June 2019. 

Throughout her tenure with DB Schenker, Mabel has resided in her home state of Florida and travelled extensively through Latin America, Europe and the various markets that she’s responsible for.  She has 12 direct reports across numerous offices in her region, including Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, Charleston, Charlotte, Puerto Rico and Orlando.

DB Schenker Employee District Manager Mabel at her Desk

A successful career in logistics is truly “self-fulfilling”. “When I take on a new market, I like to review and identify areas of opportunities to ensure not only the growth of the local market but also career development opportunities for our staff” said Mabel, who today splits most of her time between the company’s Miami and Atlanta locations.

A U.S. Customs Broker since 1994, Mabel loves dealing with people and helping customers solve some of their most complicated logistics challenges. Mabel has held various operational positions within the organization allowing her continued career path.

“Having the flexibility has allowed me to progress in my career while also being a good mom, wife and daughter” said Mabel, who came to DB Schenker very interested in pursuing a long-term career in logistics and transportation. Her managers have helped her achieve that goal while understanding her desire to reside in South Florida.

“The fact that I did not have to relocate my family in order to pursue my career goals was instrumental”, said Mabel, who loves to travel and doesn’t mind the regular flights to and from cities like Atlanta and New Orleans.  In fact, she said this lifestyle provides a good work-life balance that so many others are seeking.

I don’t like to narrow it down to a single opportunity; I always like to leave my options open, let's see what's next.

DB Schenker Employee District Manager Mabel Walking

Mabel, District Manager

As part of her professional growth, Mabel has participated in on-the-job trainings as well as international development training which she calls “one of the most rewarding experiences “ of her life. “Not only did i grow professionally during this journey but I developed amazing friendships with other colleagues from overseas”.

In her current role, Mabel is responsible for DB Schenker’s Southeast Region, where she has many responsibilities, including financial budgets.  “From a sales perspective, I maintain customer relationships and work closely with our sales group,” she added.

Never one to limit herself, Mabel said her future career path is “wide open” and could involve any number of advancements or promotions, depending on what opportunities come up. “I don’t like to narrow it down to a single opportunity; I always like to leave my options open,” she said. “Let's see what's next.”

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