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DB Schenker: Partnering your logistics needs in the run-up to Brexit

The latest developments in regards to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (“Brexit”) leave the potential for a Hard-Brexit (one lacking a managed withdrawal agreement by the 31st of October). DB Schenker will partner with you to overcome any challenges that may arise as a result of the intended Brexit. We aim to avoid delays and minimize additional costs for services caused by Brexit.

In keeping with this aim, we are pleased to provide you with regular updated information that will help prepare you for the impact which Brexit may have on transportation and logistics services DB Schenker provides to you. The information is available here:

FAQ on Brexit and customs

We acknowledge the significant impact which Brexit is likely to have on customs services. As such, we have collected information on the documents which may be regarded as necessary for customs clearance for goods moving to and from the UK.
Details can be found via the following link:

In addition, in the interest of risk mitigation and the smooth clearance of goods through Customs post-  Brexit, we strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the customs policies and procedures needed and prepare any additional documents that may be required as a result of Brexit for the movement of your goods.

Furthermore, we anticipate traffic congestion across all transport modes and possible administrative delays, whether for customs clearance or otherwise, during the period shortly before and after Brexit as the affected customs authorities implement new procedures to manage Brexit. Therefore, we kindly request that you consider the above in your planning for the transportation of your goods from, to or via the United Kingdom. Should you have any urgent shipments around this time, we again strongly recommend that you inform usin advance as early as possible so that we may work closely with you to fulfill your transportation needs.

How does this affect you, the customer?

In view of the complexities and uncertainties surrounding Brexit and its impact on transportation and customs regulations, DB Schenker’s services, policies, and procedures may need to be altered/modified.

In practice this means that your Schenker partner will work with you to mitigate the consequences that Brexit has on your transportation services; however, we are obliged to seek your understanding that we cannot accept any liability in event of delays, losses or additional cost directly resulting from the enforcement of new regulations.

In the meantime, we commit to promptly notifying you of any Brexit related impacts or affects on your freight with DB Schenker as soon as they occur.