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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

DB Schenker Indonesia completes first flexitank shipment

Turning a standard shipping container into a food grade ISO tank

PT Schenker Petrolog Utama has successfully completed the inaugural flexitank export shipment from Surabaya, Indonesia, to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for an international sugar refinery company.

As part of its continued mission to help with value chain optimization, PT Schenker Petrolog Utama will invest in expanding its flexitank offering in Java, Sumatera and Sulawesi. The market is expected to further grow due to an increase in commodity exports and demand for food grade liquids, including wine, olive oil and juices, non-hazardous chemicals and pharmaceutical liquids.

The service will also be offered to domestic customers for shipments between the islands, for example from Sulawesi to East Java, helping them to reduce costs while increasing flexibility without compromising the quality or safety of the shipment.

A flexitank is a multi-layer flexible bag made of durable food grade plastic designed to fit into a 20' standard ocean container. The bag effectively turns a standard ocean container into a flexitank container that meets all requirements for the transportation of bulk non-hazardous liquids.

DB Schenker offers various types of flexitanks depending on the type of liquid cargo and the customer requirements. Please get in touch with the team, to find out more.

Yosua Surbakti
Ocean Freight Director
PT Schenker Petrolog Utama