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What is it like to work as an apprentice at one of Indonesia’s largest global logistics companies?

Six-months traineeship for talented Business Logistics students at the Jakarta office

In May 2022, PT Schenker Petrolog Utama launched the DB Schenker Indonesia Apprenticeship Program, also known as ‘SIAP’.

SIAP focusses on innovation, digitalization, and data analytics. The new program is designed specifically for young talents, who want to gain work experience at a global forwarder. During the program, the trainees collaborate with DB Schenker’s freight colleagues on innovation related projects.

SIAP is a six-month, full-time, program. Interns have full access to DB Schenker’s excellent learning and development network, while also gaining new skills and valuable work experience.

Here are the stories of two of our apprentices, Mulia and Aviga, who recently joined the first batch of our SIAP program.

Mulia Anggayuh

Mulia Anggayuh is in her final year at Politeknik Pos (Poltekpos) Indonesia, majoring in Business Logistics. She was immediately interested in the internship opportunity when she read the information at the campus. After submitting her CV, DB Schenker’s HR team invited Mulia to attend a follow-up assessment session and meet with the Head of Department.

What makes DB Schenker attractive is the fact that the company is not just a logistics provider. The company is also actively looking for ways to make logistics greener through innovation. This is very appealing to me and it’s definitely an area I would like to explore further.

                                         Mulia Anggayuh

Aviga Palupi

Aviga Palupi, is also majoring in Business Logistics at the Poltekpos Indonesia, the same campus as Mulia.

Aviga, started her internship at GPIS (Global Projects and Industry Solutions). She already has a good understanding of the activities of DB Schenker Indonesia thanks to her conversations with her GPIS colleagues who have been in the company for a long time and know a lot about the technical aspects of complex logistics projects. GPIS is not for the faint-hearted as it handles special cargo such as large sized goods and big shipments for the oil and gas industry. She likes DB Schenker’s supportive work environment.

DB Schenker is one of the largest multinational logistics companies in Indonesia. By joining, I hope to learn a lot about the logistics industry. I am interested in joining DB Schenker because of the great colleagues and the fun work environment. I am fortunate to now have the opportunity to learn many new skills from the logistics experts in the organization.

                                           Aviga Palupi

If you would like to know more about career opportunities at DB Schenker in Indonesia, please get in touch with our HR team.  You may also want to check out the vacancies in the career section on our website. Together as one team, we are Here to move.