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Brexit has been delayed until October 31 – How will this affect you?

Following the European Unions agreement to grant an extension to Article 50 the time table for the United Kingdom to leave the EU is now set for October 31st. Despite this it remains unclear if everyone involved will reach a consensus within this time frame which will lead to a managed orderly Brexit.  As a result of this uncertainty DB Schenker are continuing to prepare for every eventuality and we strongly recommend you, our valued customers, do the same. A key issue that must be properly planned for and managed is your own Customs requirements.  

Until the full details of a final agreement emerges the import/export industry may have to adjust to new Customs barriers between the EU and the United Kingdom. We therefore strongly advise you to continue your own preparations and ensure you are ready to generate the among others the following shipping documents and supporting administration:

For your guidance more details can be found via the following link.

Without the necessary documents, delays with Customs clearance and thus with transport can occur even in the case of a managed Brexit.

In the continued absence of a UK Parliamentary consensus emerging the threat of a hard “no deal” Brexit still exists. If this were to happen, Customs procedures would be applied in accordance with WTO rules. Shippers, in particular those who have no import/export experience with countries outside the EU, are advised to continue preparing for this potential eventuality.  DB Schenker, which has more than 700 branch offices in Europe, will be happy to help you with this as well.

However, our success in helping to smooth the transition to the new regulations and minimise delay/costs is reliant upon close dialog and cooperation with you. The transitional period needs particular focus where loads to or from the UK may depart under EU rules but not arrive before the application of 3rd Country ruling for the UK. Despite the extra time afforded to us until 31 October, we strongly recommend to maintain momentum on your internal Brexit planning and ask that you keep us fully informed. We offer DB Schenkers assurance to  support you in all Brexit related matters during the conclusion of this critical Brexit phase.

Brexit News

22/06/2020: On Friday 12th June the UK formally told the EU that it will not be asking for an extension to the Brexit "Transition Period". This means that from 1st January 2021 new trade rules will come into force and customs declarations will be required. Schenker's Brexit team continue to work on all the issues that need to be understood so that  we can continue to support our Customers and make the transition to the new rules as simple as possible.

02/02/2020: Update from Robert Hardy (Brexit Adviser & Registered Expert with EU Commission)

Well that’s it then, we have left the EU!

Now our attention diverts to the trade talks. Our message is ‘keep calm and carry on’…preparing. Expect Customs formalities from 1st January 2021 and prepare as such.


We received a lot of worried calls about the 31st January leaving date.  Many thought the paperwork started from 1st February.  It did not!  We are now in a transition period during which time the UK Government will negotiate with the EU (and others) and those negotiations will decide what tariffs and processes apply from midnight on 31st December 2020.  It should be noted that UK Gov now refers to EU as Read more


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