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Meeting office glasstable compliance

Ethics Code and Mod.231

The Legal Decree No. 231/2001 brought in the Company's administrative liability in case of offences committed by administrators and employees in the interest and for the benefit of the Company, as well as by all parties acting on behalf of the Company and/or cooperating with it.

The same Decree 231 provides that the Company cannot be held responsible for its administrative liability as long as it can prove that:

  • the Board of Management adopted and successfully implemented, before the violation/crime occurrence, an organization and management model in order to prevent the offences at issue;
  • a Company's Supervisory Committee (Organismo di Vigilanza) with full initiative and control power is entrusted with the task to supervise the model's running and observance and also to take care of its updating.

In compliance with the Decree's directions, with Board of Management resolution dated November 21, 2012, Schenker Italiana S.p.A. adopted and implemented its own Organization, Management and Control Model and nominated the Supervisory Committee.

You may address your communications for the Supervisory Committee either to the e-mail address at right page or by post mail to

Organismo di Vigilanza of Schenker Italiana S.p.A.

Via F.lli Bandiera 29 - 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (MI).

DB Schenker offers also another channel for customers, business partner and employees to submit reports about suspected infringements: DB Schenker Alert Line service.

You can  access the DB Schenker Alert line service as follows:

- via the phone: 800-788670 (for Italy)

- via DB Schenker web site following the link at right page